Gospel Preachers | Communicating Grace

Here is a list of names of people and their ministry who are devoted to proclaim the Gospel of Grace. Source: Gospel Preachers | Communicating Grace

God Wants You Well!

It looks like everyone around me is being blessed, healed, and delivered except me! Does God   wants to heal me? Many a times we ask such questions and are not sure whether God is interested in healing us when we are sick. We think it is our sin or our character that is stopping God … Continue reading God Wants You Well!

True repentance

The message of the last prophet (John the Baptist) before Jesus was “Repent”, The first message of Jesus Christ was “Repent” (Matthew 4:17) and the first message of Peter after the pentecost was “Repent”(Acts 2:38).  All of this former mentioned  indicates that repentance is given highest priority by God. However, Christians tend to misunderstand this … Continue reading True repentance